Term of Services

Smoking Jackets Company has some terms of service for every person related to its website. You cannot use our website for unlawful and illegal purposes. When you visit our website and buy something, you are exclusively governed by certain terms and conditions. Other conditions, except for these terms of service, will not be approved by us. When you place the order, we carry out a standard check on your payment card to ensure that there is enough money to take out the transaction. The goods will be dispatched after the completion of this check. We are only responsible for damages which are already present in our products. We do not refund for goods that you damage because of negligence or intention. We reserve you a right to claim the damage according to legally defined terms and conditions.

Smoking Jackets Store also reserves the right to change or remove terms or conditions temporarily and permanently at any time. Like other websites, you will also see third-party links on our website. These links are not provided by us, so we are not responsible if you open them. In accessing the website, you must agree that its content is used solely for personal or non-commercial purposes. Any copyright of our content is not allowed from our website. If some of these terms and conditions are not legal or valid according to law, they will be canceled. The remaining terms of service will be remained and be followed as such. You agree to indemnify and hold our site, employees, and agents harmless from and against all liabilities.